February 28, 2011 Posted by Brian J. Pohl in Previs Society News

Siggraph 2010

Siggraph 2010

Siggraph 2010 was a great opportunity for the Previsualization Society to get a little press. Brian Pohl and Chris Edwards (The Third Floor) gave multiple presentations on the show floor. The Autodesk booth was packed for each presentation.

In addition to giving an overview of the Society, the Society also had the opportunity to formally show its first documentary. (see below) Previsualization: Past, Present & Future, has been shown over 20,000 times on Vimeo alone. Additionally Autodesk had its own live feed broadcasting the documentary on The Area. The combined viewership between these two sources has given the Society global exposure. There are over 900 members worldwide.

In addition to speaking at the Autodesk booth, Pohl also spoke at the Autodesk Education Summit which attracted over 250 educators all curious about the subject of previs.

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