March 31, 2011 Posted by Brian J. Pohl in Educational News

Ohio State - Master Class

Previsualization Master Class - April 29-30, 2011

Ohio State University has scheduled a two day Master Class on previsualization April 29th-30th at the Advanced Computer Center for the Arts and Design in Columbus. Brian Pohl will provide a condensed overview of the previs process and share insights regarding the use of previs in the film industry, review the educational mandate of the Previsualization Society, and provide students with a hands-on tutorial emphasizing shot techniques commonly found in large scale film production.

The ACCAD is a collaborative think space, a place to make, create, imagine and above all connect. Research conducted at the facility is centered on the use and integration of emerging arts technologies. ACCAD has become internationally recognized as one of the original and leading centers of its kind, distinguished by the transdisciplinary approach to research and teaching which is so central to its identity. Located on The Ohio State University’s Science & Technology Campus and alongside the Ohio Supercomputer Center, ACCAD is a creative hub for scholars and practitioners of digital arts and sciences.

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