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New Cinematography School Forms - GCI

The Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) is devoted to the educational steps towards the extension of the cinematographer’s profession into the digital and virtual based creative realms.

Along with upgrading the students with knowledge and experience of “Classical Cinematography” subjects such as Lighting, Film, Composition, etc, the “Global Cinematography Institute” will teach new classes reflecting the requirements of today’s artistic methods and technology such as “Virtual Cinematography”, i.e. both real and virtual, preproduction, production and post production, etc. along with digital previsualization.

Classes will include discussions on the History of Cinematography, and Visual Art along with discussions on technical and scientific dilemmas that effect contemporary cinematographers. The school will be open also to directors, producers and actors who need to have a better understanding of the nature of the cinematographer’s work.

This Advanced Post-Graduate program in Cinematography is designed first of all for post graduate students of USA and foreign film schools as well as qualified professionals from the Industry who already have a strong understanding of the concepts that make up the Art, Craft, Industrial and Cultural Environment of today’s Cinematography.

The goal of the course is to take students to the next level, put them into a position which will allow them to compete successfully, and provide them the “tool kit” for the beginning and continuation of the meaningful and effective careers as cinematographer in today’s fast ever changing contemporary world with art and technology.

Lectures about many new artistic and technical elements of contemporary cinematography will further expand knowledge of graduates of film schools in the USA and abroad. This knowledge will allow future and current cinematographers to become involved in the director/producer creative paradigm at the earliest possible stages, as well as enrich the process with the knowledge of the realities and possibilities of existing camera and light technologies. This early stage of involvement will further reinforce the leading role of cinematographers in the creation of visual concept and visual structure of preproduction.

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