May 6, 2012 Posted by Brian J. Pohl in Previs News

Matterport 3D Scanning

Matterport's new 3D scanner is an adaptation of Microsoft Kinect's 360 camera and it could prove an interesting tool for the previs artist's bag of tricks.

This particular scanner takes advantage of the Kinect's depth sensing technology to convert scanned footage into a usable 3D mesh. The implications of such technology for the previsualization field are quite apparent. Imagine being able to scan a potential set in minutes and then inserting previs characters to block out your scenes. OnSet previs artists could scan the stage or set environment to assist directors visualize potential lighting solutions. 3D Modelers could use initial scans as rough templates when building more optimized meshes.

This technology could go head to head against Autodesk's 123D Catch photogrammetry tool that is designed to convert captured 2D imagery and convert it to a 3D geometry mesh or it could be an excellent compliment.

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